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We're located near Weberstown Mall in Stockton just two blocks from Pacific Avenue. Our private entrance is on the outside of the building facing the street. As for parking, there's a large lot that wraps around the building. It is recommended that you park on either side rather than in back. This will put you closer to us and besides you don't want to walk around the entire building after just having a great massage!

We believe in the health and wellness benefits provided by therapeutic massage. These include increased blood flow and circulation; relief from headaches, stress, anxiety, pain; and for general relaxation. This is why we customize every massage to each client's specific needs whether for trauma or relaxation. We perform whole and partial body massage (e.g., upper body only, legs only, etc.) Other services include community and corporate massage events, princess/spa parties, bridal showers, and home or office out-calls.

It is our belief that EVERYBODY deserves a massage! We both honor and facilitate that concept as often as possible. While massage is good for almost every body - there are some medical conditions that can be mild to severely aggravated by massage. If you have a medical condition we strongly recommend you discuss the pros and cons with your doctor before making an appointment for massage, especially if you are pregnant, have cancer, or unexplained pain.

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